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90% of MSP challenges stem from people not following processes.

Single pAne of Glass dashboard to identify missed processes.
Bots can help automate 30% of management tasks by automating dashboard monitoring.
Next ticket can save 80% of dispatchers' time and eliminate cherry-picking.

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Business Intelligence Dashboards

Single pane of glass dashboards for 70+ integrations so you can quickly identify issues and opportunities. Our customizable dashboards offer real-time visibility, empowering you to highlight and address potential issues, and make informed decisions faster.

Micro Training Bots

Reclaim your time with our virtual manager assistants—the Micro Training Bots, offering 24/7 support to both managers and employees.  Our bots deliver a transformative level of service and efficiency that can be game-changing for many MSPs!

Next Ticket

Tired of your technicians cherry-picking tickets? Our Next Ticket auto dispatch solution is for you! With a customizable priority point system, you can be assured of dispatching the right ticket to the right team, and right technician, every time. 

Attendance Manager

With today’s work setup, team visibility and ticket oversight usually becomes a problem for MSPs—not anymore with the Attendance Manager. Tailored specifically for how MSPs run, providing you with the visibility on who’s working, which ticket they’re working on, and for how long!

Clearer Insights. Greater Efficiency
One Platform.

Drive your business growth with tailored insights and smart automation in a single platform.

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Fast, Accurate, & Real-Time Data Delivered

Gather all data sources into a single BI and automation platform with our ever-expanding list of integrations. Get notified on various KPIs that are crucial to your business, ensuring you’re always informed and in control.

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Specifically Tailored For MSPs

MSPbots, designed and created by an MSP owner to meet the specific needs of MSPs. It equips management teams with essential information and tools, enhancing efficiency and addressing the unique challenges MSPs face.

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Get More Done With Automation

Easy to adopt, create, or modify our no-code/low-code bots are designed to streamline management processes and training, right within Teams and Slack! Allowing managers to focus more on what’s important, not chasing and enforcing processes.

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Collaborate and Grow

MSPbots integrates partner-enabled apps to simplify data collection and reporting for various Peer Groups. Enhanced with a built-in Peer Group and Benchmarking functionality, the app makes conducting group meetings effortless!


See what other MSPs are saying about MSPbots

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“We made a lateral move from ConnectWise Automate to ConnectWise RMM and that purchase came with BrightGauge for free. I put together pros and cons to sort and see if I could switch back to BrightGauge and save myself 700 bucks a month that I pay to MSPbots and the decision was no at this time. The data that I get out of MSPbots is too critical and it also exists some of the data that you guys can give me doesn't exist on BG.”
Chris Dill,
BEL Network Integration
& Support, LLC
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“MSPbots enabled us to see where, as an MSP, we were failing in certain areas. A lot of the data we are now acting upon MSPbots wasn’t available with BrightGauge, because their reporting capability wasn’t as robust.”
Michael Mollica
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“We are automating some of our boards to tell us which ones are the priorities so we aren’t cherry-picking the easy tickets and leaving the harder tickets, and that’s been working really well. We’ve got great SLA on our Cyber Security Board because of Next Ticket.”
Jeff Lehman
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“As pioneers in the Australian business landscape, we knew we had to embrace cutting-edge technology to better serve our clients. That's why we partnered with MSPbots, who helped us migrate and built us innovative widgets and dashboards...
Richard Grace

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