Tired of Costly Mistakes from Manual Time Entries and Ticket Tracking in your MSP?

Step back from constant supervision with bots that provide real-time employee alerts, training, and accountability tracking right within Teams and Slack.

Over 100+ Bots Are Ready to Assist and Speed Up Processes

and if we don’t have what you need, we can automate it for you!

Focus on What Matters Most,
Let the Bots Handle the Rest

Always Available

The bots act as your 24/7 Virtual Manager Assistants.

Customizable Alerts

Customized alerts that fit your processes reduce the need for time-consuming check-ins.

Personalized Training

Address inconsistent service delivery, the bots ensure the team consistently meets standards and company policies.

Real-time Feedback

The bots help provide real-time feedback, including performance metrics and progress reports.

Repetitive Tasks
Are for the Bots 

Focus energy on high-priority tasks that further your business goals.  

Bots for Your
Business Intelligence Dashboards 

Monitor KPIs with bots that alert you to important metric changes.

Bots for Your
Ticket Dispatching System

Manage tickets with ease and let bots highlight high-priority tasks. 

Bots for Your Attendance Management

Oversee employee attendance with one-click responses to attendance prompts.

Meet the Bots

The Alert bot

One of the most popular bots in the MSPbots app, which sends real-time automated alerts to users, flagging important action items that require their immediate attention.  

The Reminder bot

This bot sends out regular, timely alerts prompting users to clock in or out, start designated tasks, complete entry descriptions, and perform other specific tasks as defined by the user or administrator.   

The Time and Utilization bot  

Provides insightful and timely snapshots into employees' work utilization. This bot sends scheduled notifications containing detailed overviews of employees' utilized time, schedules, and accomplished tasks.  

The Ticket-related bot  

Monitor service ticket status and progress. These bots track the status of tickets, sending notifications if a ticket is pending or open for too long with no progress, approaching a deadline, or if there are any changes in its status that require attention.   

The Report bot

Designed to be a key source of intelligence for decision-makers within an organization. The bots autmate the process of gathering, analyzing, and delivering pertinent data, summaries, and insights directly to the relevant stakeholders.

Quality Assurance bot

Ensures that all necessary information and documentation is complete and up to standard. When a data form is missing information, these bots automatically prompt users to provide the required materials.  

The Financial bot

Monitor an MSP’s financial health, providing real-time alerts related to revenue, income, and expense triggers.  

The Information/Input Required bot

Automated prompts that guide users in maintaining complete and detailed records within the system. When a ticket, task, or other entity is lacking necessary information, these bots are triggered to request specific input from the relevant users.  

The Attendance bot

These bots generate alerts and reminders related to employee check-ins, check-outs, and absences, providing real-time information about staff presence and punctuality.    

customer success stories

Clients Who Found Their Automation Solution in MSPbots

“One of the things with MSPbots, you have a set of bots that are already there. The team at MSPbots has already created them for you. So, you don't need to start from scratch.”

Mauro Cretari

Break-Away from Mundane and Repetitive Tasks and Boost Productivity for You and Your Team