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From small MSP owners to large enterprises, the testimonials showcase how MSPbots has helped clients overcome IT challenges, streamline operations, and improve overall efficiency. See for yourself what it’s like to work with MSPbots. Our client’s feedback is a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering outstanding customer service and technical support.
“Daniel has done a great job of resourcing this initiative!”
Lisa Niekamp-Urwin
Testimonials on business intelligence

A Reporting Platform
built to accelerate
MSP growth

"I am impressed by the great nimbleness of MSPbots’ service, not to mention its attentive support, great integration abilities, and overall creativity of the developer team. We started using MSPbots’ dashboards and Teams alerts since 2021. We found these to be very helpful and effective for our team. From these solutions, our staff’s workflow efficiency improved, we increased productivity among our employees, and also were able to hit our target goals"

Eric Wakkuri
DS Tech

“The dashboards that you see us using consistently have been very helpful to our business. We make decisions based off of the results from the reports that we get from it.”

Christopher Calamari

“MSPbots enabled us to see where, as an MSP, we were failing in certain areas. A lot of the data we are now acting upon MSPbots wasn’t available with BrightGauge, because their reporting capability wasn’t as robust.”

Michael Mollica
Two River Tech

“MSPbots’ reporting platform gets us, as a company, looking at those metrics more closely and trying to overall improve our processes.”

Leo DeBoe
24x7 IT Solutions

“We could not do without it!”

Timothy Clarkson
Oxygen IT

“It seems that things are fairly solid and what we got MSPbots for specifically has been fulfilled and at a better price point than BrightGauge. We are very pleased overall!”

Sean Pennington
Solomon IT
“When we migrated from CW Automate to CW RMM, we got re-onboarded with BG. Thus having free BG, we can save $700/month. But instead of going back to BG, we said no. The data we get out of MSPbots is too critical and MSPbots has some data that BG doesn’t have, Time Entry Analysis and Schedule Analysis, also the bots.”
Chris Dill
Ben Logo
Testimonials on Automation

Automate to Elevate!
Streamlining Processes with Bots

“MSPbots is our personal choice, with its automation apps which are helpful for our business. It’s quite interesting that the MSPbots apps complement the other apps we are using, and these help our team in increasing efficiency and productivity. With the Next Ticket app, it helped us in identifying priority tickets and speeding up turnaround time to efficiently attend to urgent concerns for faster resolutions and higher customer satisfaction”

Brandon Baker

“[Next Ticket] our help desk has that worked into their process and that’s how they figure out who’s doing what and not cherry-picking tickets.”

Victor Moroz
Xperteks Computer Consultancy

“The real value is Next Ticket… we couldn’t find another vendor that does that. It’s the Next Ticket system that really distinguishes you [MSPbots].”

Stewart Garzarelli
Agiliti (IITCI)

“The bots are convenient. The reporting is granular and good, and I like the freedom that it provides.”

Director of Operations
Netready IT

“I'm happy and I think it’s a really great software that’s going to help us. The bots have already made a huge difference in informing people. With BG, we really didn’t have an onboarding person but they wouldn’t help you too much with creating widgets and things like that.”

Mark Luna
Excellent Networks
Testimonials on Customer Support

Exceptional Technology matched
with Unparalleled Service

“It’s reassuring to know that the team is constantly improving the platform by adding new integrations, and I’m glad they’re now publishing Release Notes so we can easily keep track of what’s changing. Overall, I’m delighted with the platform and appreciate the team’s efforts to improve it.” 

Mauro Cretari
CIO Landing

“Happy with support response time and resolution time.”

Jordan R.

“My overall opinion, my Account Manager does a wonderful job of just interacting with both of us. She's very clear, concise, organized, and professional. Those are my high points. She's always on time. She's always very well-structured. She hits the high points of what we need to get the job done. Just like today's meeting, we get to the heart of the matter. We get focused on the topics, we get down to business and we move on. So from a business perspective, I think my Account Manager is a very good client interface. You know as the owner of the business, you've got everything under control in terms of what our business needs are."

Scott Yusavage
Computer Fellows

“Very pleased with support when we ask for a new widget, and how quickly they get them done.”

Ricky Herndon
Cybertools, Inc.

“Working with Daniel and the team has been FANTASTIC!”

Jim De Vico
Consillien LLC

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