Say Goodbye to Lost, Overlooked, or Cherry-Picked Tickets with Next Ticket

The revolutionary tool for MSPs who want a seamless ticket dispatching process.

Managing ticket triage efficiently is one of the most significant challenges faced by MSPs.

Stop worrying about keeping techs busy or calendars full, Get the right people, doing the right job, at the right time.

Next Ticket integrates with

The Right Ticket to the
Right Technician, Every Time

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Customize Dispatch Rules

Set Priority Rules that are important
to your technicians and MSP.
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Simple Configuration

Next Ticket does rapid calculations
that ensure quicker ticket turnaround times.
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Save Valuable Time

Configure and let the app run—
save up to 80% of your dispatcher’s time.
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Keep Clients Happy

Maximize efforts towards ticket resolution
and deliver timely client service.
The Solution that Redefines MSP Operations

Having numerous dispatchers requires salaries, benefits, and ongoing training. Next Ticket operates without the need for rest, vacations, or sick days, managing incoming tickets 24/7.


Next Ticket receives incoming tickets, analyzes their urgency with the filters and priority rules in place, and assigns them to the right tech in seconds withing Teams, Slack, or on the web linking back to you ticketing system.


People can't multitask. Dispatchers may overlook critical details or follow inconsistent workflows; Next Ticket executes tasks according to predefined settings. Every ticket is handled with precision.

Resolution Times

Next Ticket’s rapid ticket assignment prioritizes urgent issues to be brought to the forefront, reducing the time required for a ticket to reach the right hands.

Higher CSAT

Next Ticket’s ability to expedite ticket resolution delights customers with speedy solutions. This experience translates into a higher CSAT score.

Customer success stories

What Users are Saying About Next Ticket

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“The real value is Next Ticket. We couldn’t find another vendor to do that. It’s the Next Ticket system that really distinguishes you.”
Stewart Garzarelli

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