Our Commitment to
Data Security

With 19 years of expertise in IT, we are entrusted with managing critical data for over 500 clients, safeguarded within our three national data centers. Our team, comprising seasoned security professionals, is dedicated to rigorous protection protocols, ensuring our clients' data remains secure and resilient at all times.

Some Questions, Some Answers

Find answers to commonly asked questions surrounding data security within MSPbots.

As a data-driven process automation company, we collect all kinds of data from various integrations based on your API permission for the integration. This data is necessary for us to generate the dashboard and drive the bots to help you achieve your goals. 

We provide you with complete control over your PSA’s API permission to give MSPbots access levels that you’re comfortable with. You can set up and modify these permissions as needed.

MSPbots servers are located in a SOC 2 Certified Data Center in downtown Chicago, which ensures that we meet industry-standard security and availability requirements. We are planning to add new data centers in the EU and AU once we have enough clients in those areas. 

Our data center is equipped with an enterprise-grade firewall with proactive intrusion prevention and an isolated network. All direct server accesses, except for ports 443 and 80, are limited, which ensures that your data is protected from external threats.

All MSPbots servers are updated weekly with the latest patches to prevent security breaches. We also use 2FA control for server access to prevent unauthorized access to our servers.

Only key employees in the USA who have undergone background checks have direct access to our production server. General programmers can access the development server environment, where testing data is available. 

We have a Hot Spare duplication in place for server failover, and a Cold Backup with instant recovery that can be up and running within 10 minutes. We also have an Offsite Datacenter back in Microsoft Azure that can spin up within 30 minutes in case of a data center disaster. 

We continuously scan and certify our servers for PCI DSS compliance, certified by Forte Payment System. This ensures that our servers meet industry-standard security requirements.

Most MSP situations don’t require storing PHI, but when we do, we ensure that it is protected with a password that MSPbots doesn’t have access to. PHI information should not be added to your PSA. 

We do not share any data with people outside MSPbots without proper authorization from the MSP who owns the data. 

MSPs have the option to delete all their data if they choose to.

We have a Bug Bounty Program that rewards white-hat hackers who identify bugs in our system.

We have a GDPR Data Processing Agreement to ensure that our clients’ data is processed in compliance with GDPR regulations. 

We take data security seriously at MSPbots, and we continuously monitor our systems to ensure that they meet industry-standard security and availability requirements. If you have any questions or concerns about our data security practices, please feel free to contact us.