Ready to Hunt Some Bugs?

Join Our Bug Bounty Program! Help us fortify our defenses by identifying and reporting vulnerabilities. Your expertise can make a pivotal difference in protecting our users' data integrity and ensuring MSPbots remains at the forefront of secure technology.

Embark on a Digital Hunt!

Focus your skills on identifying bugs exclusively on our site. Stay vigilant and help us enhance our platform's security and performance.
Broken Authentication
Sensitive Data
XML External entities (XEE)
Broken Access Control
Security Misconfigurations
cross-site scripting
insecure deserialization
using components with known vulnerabilities
insufficient logging and monitoring

Here's What You Need to Know

Patience Pays Off

After submission, anticipate a review period while we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your findings.

Focus on Security

We value reports that identify security-related bugs. These are the only types eligible for rewards.

Rewards That
Reflect Effort

Our incentive program is adaptable. We recognize and reward contributions based on their impact and complexity.

Eligibility and REwards

Bounty Eligibility

Security Focus
Rewards are exclusively for security-related bugs
Impactful Information
Bounties are granted for findings that result in changes.
Payment Method
Bounties are paid through PayPal, with alternate arrangements possible in special cases.

Reward Tiers

Bug severity determines the bounty
Minor Severity
Medium Severity
High Severity
Critical Severity