The Best BrightGauge Alternative

Published on
January 28, 2024
Nia Rabanes
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Are you on the lookout for the best BrightGauge alternative for your MSP? Look no further.

You want to choose the option that’s going to provide you with the most bang for your buck and add considerable value to your platform.  

BrightGauge has been around since 2011, and it’s a common go-to for data intelligence and visualization platforms. While its longevity can attest to its usefulness to MSPs, the potential for this type of platform tends to get overlooked.

One glance at their pricing also lets you know that they’re not the most cost-effective choice.  

Whether it’s a business intelligence, KPI, or performance metrics tracking platform you’re looking for, we have the perfect solution: MSPbots; a platform that found solutions to the pain points that common dashboard reporting tools deal with on a daily basis.

Let’s take a deep dive:

A Better ConnectWise PSA Reporting Tool

a snapshot of an MSPbots dashboard with ConnectWise PSA as data source


One of the pieces of MSP software that BrightGauge integrates with is ConnectWise PSA. To make the dashboards and reports from the data in ConnectWise PSA, you need to subscribe to a monthly plan which starts at $304, according to the pricing page listed on their website.  

With MSPbots, business intelligence dashboards for PSAs are priced at $179 per month.  

This means MSPbots is more than 50% less expensive than BrightGauge.

Reporting tools come with various features that define how much control you have over data visualization. The more options you have, the more customized your reports can be. To set the numbers side by side, these are the data customization options for ConnectWise PSA:  

best brightgauge alternative

In terms of quantity, you have far more data visualization options with MSPbots than BrightGauge.

Many MSPs looking for the best Brightgauge alternative have already moved to MSPbots. Read here for more success stories.

Now-MSPbots users can confirm how this move has been worthwhile:

“We are pleased with our dashboards compared to BrightGauge, yours have the flexibility to manipulate data the way we need it.” -Michelle Hart, TS Conard, Inc. Technology Solutions

BrightGauge VS MSPbots  

With MSPbots, there is no limit to how your data can be visualized.

Although MSPbots already has a wide selection of prebuilt dashboards and widgets, new ones are being generated almost every week.  This allows you to create your own customized dashboard through the builder tool within the app. Additionally, MSPbots can create the visualization options you need by simply requesting them.  

To maximize the use of your dashboard system, you should be able to pull old data.

BrightGauge has a limit of 210 days for keeping data. MSPbots, however, could keep data for 365 days. This makes all the difference in reviewing KPIs at longer intervals and gives MSPs more time to take data snapshots before they’re inaccessible.    

Do More With MSPbots

Beyond a business intelligence dashboard system, MSPbots is a comprehensive platform that transforms the way MSPs operate.

Next Ticket: Streamlining Ticketing Triage

Next Ticket acts as an automated extension of your dispatch team. By categorizing and prioritizing tickets based on predefined criteria, it significantly reduces the need for manual ticket review and cuts down dispatcher workload by up to 80%.

Micro Training Bots for Continuous Workforce Development

Our micro training bots act as an ongoing training mechanism, directly integrating into the technician’s workflow. They provide timely reminders for tasks and procedures, ensuring standards are consistently met.

Managers can customize these bots from a wide selection of premade options, adjusting thresholds and settings or even building new bots to suit specific needs.

Seamless Integration with Popular Platforms

Our platforms are designed for compatibility with software like MS Teams, Slack, ConnectWise, Autotask, and more, ensuring they seamlessly fit into and enhance your existing digital ecosystem.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction through Automated Efficiency

MSPbots’ tools play a pivotal role in streamlining service delivery. By providing smart alerts for KPI deviations, anomalies in ticket processing, and monitoring technician attendance and utilization, they help MSP managers optimize every step of service delivery.

This optimization leads to reduced response times and a higher level of service, boosting customer satisfaction and trust.

Get the best options at pricing that works for you, such as BI performance, and process automation capabilities with MSPbots, the best BrightGauge alternative for dashboard reporting.  

Why MSPbots is the optimal choice:

  • Less expensive than BrightGauge
  • Offers more data visualization options
  • Pulls up to 365 days’ worth of data
  • Incorporates process automation into your BI dashboard

Lastly, when purchasing something new for the growth of your business, money-back guarantees aim to lessen purchase barriers and build trust in potential customers by businesses taking accountability for not meeting product expectations. BrightGauge’s money-back guarantee period is 30 days, while MSPbots’ is 120.  

As the duration of software onboarding may vary, assessing a platform’s efficacy may take a while. With MSPbots, you won’t have to feel stuck in a subscription that doesn’t work for you.

Enhance your dashboard reporting experience today, sign up or book a demo with us!