MSP Automation: 4 Alert Bots You Need

Published on
May 9, 2024
Nia Rabanes
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Does it feel like you’re constantly checking in with your technicians, making sure they’re on the ball? Instead of spending countless hours a week having to micromanage your team’s progress, let our bots help implement your standards!  

At MSPbots, we found that there are more efficient ways to manage a team of technicians by creating a range of bots that help you streamline your operations and improve your team’s performance, without the need for constant supervision.  

Here are 4 alert bots you need to effectively streamline your operations:

MSP Automation & Bots to Promote Technician Best Practices

MSP Automation: 4 Alert Bots You Need

Bots that reinforce the rules play a critical role in ensuring compliance and company best practices. By monitoring technician activities and alerting them and their supervisors when deviations from standard protocols occur, these bots help prevent costly mistakes, wasted time, and ensure consistent service delivery.  

Meet our bots that promote technician best practices:

Too Many Tickets In Progress Alert

Managing multiple tickets can be overwhelming and time-consuming, especially when they’ are all in progress. That’s why we’ve created the Too Many Tickets In Progress alert bot!

When the number of tickets in the “In Progress” status exceeds two, this bot sends alerts to technicians and reminds them to move the extra ticket to an appropriate status if they are not actively working on it. This bot helps your technicians stay on top of their workload, reduce the risk of missed deadlines, and easily manage and prioritize tickets.

Unassigned Tickets Alert

Unassigned tickets can quickly pile up and lead to missed deadlines, unhappy clients, and cause a decrease in client satisfaction scores. But with the Unassigned Tickets alert bot in place, you can prevent those scenarios.

This bot sends hourly alerts to the service dispatcher for the number of unassigned tickets for immediate allocation, ensuring that tickets are attended to promptly and efficiently.

With quick response times, you can make a good impression on clients and maintain high levels of client satisfaction. Although it’s customizable, the Unassigned Tickets Alert bot operates during working hours, providing a quick list of the tickets that need attention and helping allocate resources properly.  

Stale Ticket Alert

With the hustle and bustle of daily operations, it’s easy for tickets to slip through the cracks and become stale. The Stale Ticket alert bot fixes this issue!

This bot alerts ticket owners of tickets that have not been updated or have had no activity in the last three days, ensuring that technicians are aware of any missed tickets and can take action to minimize stale tickets daily.

With the Stale Ticket Alert bot achieving the highest levels of service performance and meeting the target of zero stale tickets is a breeze.  

Customer Note Added Alert

Maintaining open communication with customers is crucial. But it can be easy to miss customer updates or comments on open tickets, leading to delays and decreased customer satisfaction.  

The Customer Note Added alert bot sends alerts to technicians every 30 minutes on weekdays if there are notes added by the customer, guaranteeing that they are aware of any updates or comments and can respond promptly.

Each message alert includes a link to the ticket number where the customer made a recent note, opening directly to their PSA, allowing technicians to easily access the relevant information and respond quickly.  


MSPbots has developed a range of bots designed to streamline the operations of MSPs, improve team performance, and enhance customer satisfaction through MSP automation. Utilizing these bots mitigates the risk of missed tickets, delays, and other issues that can impact your business.  

If you’re interested in learning more about our bots or would like to book a demo, please visit our website and sign up today!