What is MSPbots Next Ticket?

Published on
February 13, 2024
Nia Rabanes
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Deciding which ticket to tackle next can be a time-consuming process, often leaving ticket dispatchers mired in analysis.

A manual ticket dispatching system can lead to many unpleasant outcomes: tickets getting overlooked, cherry-picked, and stuck after stumbling into a black hole of lost tickets (yikes!).

MSPbots Next Ticket app simplifies dispatching by determining the ‘next ticket’ for you, streamlining the decision-making process. It’s designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy in ticket assignment.

Next Ticket is an automated triage and dispatch system that assigns tickets according to your priority rules. Since it assigns tickets in a predetermined and calculated process, there’s no room for triage or dispatch mistakes, cherry or random picking, or tickets being left unaddressed.  Saving valuable time for MSPs in addressing their clients’ needs and resolving them in a way that boosts satisfaction.

Why MSPbots Next Ticket is the Next Tool for Your Business

Save time and energy! Why add to the list of mistakes that occur on a daily basis? Articles that discuss traditional ticket dispatchers being responsible for organizing, prioritizing, and monitoring tickets need to consider how minor factors delay the process. They can be slow, inaccurate, and require re-training. The most impactful reason being that they’re not available 24/7 which means they are consistently chasing a backlog rather than staying ahead of the influx.

Your IT support could have already been working towards a solution for the ticket rather than it sitting around, waiting to be assigned. Sooner or later, you (or worse, your clients!) will realize they need a more reliable provider.

Slow or unchecked tickets can lead to client churn.

Real-Life Testimonial

Technicians previously cherry-picked tasks or delayed ticket resolutions. Excellent Networks CEO Mark Luna introduced a bot to notify when a ticket wasn’t resolved in 30 minutes, ensuring prioritized and timely handling. This improved efficiency and workload distribution.

Mark confirmed, “I know that it’s making us more efficient because tickets aren’t falling through the cracks anymore.”

Get the Right Ticket to the Right Technician, Every Time!

Next Ticket saves up to 80% of your dispatcher’s time. Instead of executing every step of ticket dispatching, you just need to properly set up your priority rules, ensuring that the process works well on the daily. This alone increases workflow efficiency. The fewer delays and/or errors in assigning tickets, the faster and better your service becomes.  

The best part? It’s incredibly easy to set up!  

On the MSPbots app, navigate to the apps menu and click on Next Ticket to set up filters and priority rules.  

MSPbots Next Ticket

Since no two businesses are alike, NextTicket Manager allows you to be as flexible as possible with your dispatching process.   Here are the priority rules you can set up with NextTicket:

  • Assigned to user
  • Company status
  • Company type
  • Company in “Watch List”
  • Company is matched to user
  • Contact’s job title  
  • Customer responded  
  • In progress ticket  
  • MRR  
  • Past due date  
  • Priority type  
  • Schedules status
  • Selected assigned
  • Ticket owner
  • Ticket status duration
  • Ticket summary
  • Time in certain status
  • Time from last update
  • User’s skills and ticket type match

For further reading, check out Setting Up the Point System for Next Ticket Priority Rules.

5 Key Benefits of Effective Prioritization

Accuracy in ticket assignments

Next Ticket leverages a sophisticated set of priority rules, cutting down the margin for human error. This means each ticket is dispatched with precision, ensuring efficiency from the get-go.

Tailored to specific needs

With our system, ticket assignments are based on detailed criteria like user skills, company specifics, and contact roles. This customization ensures the right tickets land in the right hands, every time.

Adapts to changes in ticket urgency

Our system dynamically adjusts priorities based on real-time updates, such as ticket age, response times, and schedule changes. This ensures that as situations evolve, your ticket prioritization does too.

Aligning ticket assignments with business goals

By matching tickets to the most relevant and skilled personnel and prioritizing based on factors like MRR and company status, Next Ticket ensures that your resources are always aligned with your business objectives.

Increased customer satisfaction

With faster, more accurate resolutions by the best-suited team members, customer satisfaction soars. Your customers will notice the difference, experiencing the high level of service that builds loyalty and trust.

MSPbots Next Ticket Integrations and Bots

Next Ticket elevates MSPs by integrating with a wide array of platforms, including ConnectWise Manage, Autotask, Syncro, Halo, and Kaseya BMS. This expansive compatibility ensures that MSPs can leverage Next Ticket’s advanced ticketing solutions within their existing ecosystems.

Specifically, integrations with ConnectWise Manage and Autotask include Next Ticket bots in their assets.

Next Ticket Bots

Next Ticket introduces innovative bots for ConnectWise Manage and Autotask users, designed to optimize workflows and improve service outcomes:

  • Rejected Alert Bot: Provides instant alerts for ticket rejections, detailing reasons to enable quick adjustments and learning opportunities.
  • Rejected Ticket Summary Alert Bot: Offers managers weekly insights into ticket rejections, supporting data-driven decisions for process and training enhancements.
  • Daily Utilization Alert Bot: Highlights users with utilization below 60% at the end of their shift, encouraging equitable task distribution and identifying areas for improvement.

NextTicket Manager Best Practices

To make the most of the app, here are some best practices that will help run NextTicket Manager smoothly:

  • Classify roles for technicians – There are many ways to do this. One way is by identifying whether they are a reactive, proactive, or project type of IT support.
  • Limit how many tickets a technician should handle – This prevents your employees from being overworked and ensures that the support they provide is above-standard quality.
  • Have a limit for how many companies a technician can cater tickets for – Your technicians may not retain as much information if they handle too many companies at once.
Give NextTicket Manager a try!

Automating the process of ticket prioritization and employing proactive alerts simplifies the workflow for dispatchers but also enhances service delivery.  

Ready to see how MSPbots Next Ticket can transform your MSP operations? Book a demo with us today or fill out our contact form to learn more about our solutions and start your journey towards operational excellence.